gap management debt collection


gap management accreditation


We can decrease and limit role rates in the various arrears / age cycles of installment / credit products by maximizing the utilization of our call center and well trained collection agents using strategic methodology to collect in the market.

debt collecting

GAP MANAGEMENT is excellently structured to recover charge–off portfolios with our specific strategies developed for different product portfolios provided by our clients.

The recoveries are done through our call center infrastructure and decentralized staff should business dictate same.

We have experts who focus on specialised portfolios i.e. insolvent estates, deceased estates, unrealised property portfolios, home loan shortfalls, credit cards, personal loans, overdrafts, vehicle shortfalls, bridging finance etc.

property assessment

GAP MANAGEMENT has dedicated people in the field who visit clients to obtain documentation for affordability assessments, conclusion of repayment arrangements.  If no affordability exist and no repayment arrangements can be concluded, we will obtain a power of attorney for our clients to realise fixed assets, saving time and unnecessary legal spend.

Property assessments are done to allow our clients to make informed business decisions.


GAP MANAGEMENT has infrastructure that can deal with any instruction to realise securities on behalf of our clients i.e. sending notifications to clients and realising policies, deposits, guarantees etc.