gap management accreditation

alarm systems

We supply entirely wireless, no trace removal, modular to any size building and totally independent from Eskom alarm solutions with a quality assurance.

armed response

Our Armed Response measures will protect you 24/7.  As soon as our alarm receiving centre gets the signal, we will be on our way, often reaching your premises before the Police.

estate protection

Your estate is secured with our security services that are closely supervised and supported by team leaders and managers.

You will have the back-up of our highly professional security control room and management system providing state-of-the-art nerve centre technology and which is at the forefront of CCTV technology, supporting static- and mobile patrols in the estate.

industrial security

Agile and attentive, our specially trained security guards are dedicated to secure industrial or construction environments.

We will work in tandem with CCTV surveillance cameras to supply cutting edge service delivery.

guard dogs

Our dog handlers work with specially trained dogs and are very responsible in caring for the dogs and handling firm control. Our dog handlers work as a team with our highly skilled and trained dogs, helping to prevent and detect crime or protect your property.

security officers

Our highly skilled security officers undergo a strict recruitment process to comply with any standard or challenge set by our clients.

You can rest assured that our security officers have contactable references, are polygraph tested, have formal qualifications, ITC and SAPS clearance and are even physical and ability tested before we apply them to your site specification.

private investigator

We will investigate, covertly and discreetly until we identify the source of the problem.

As well as tracing missing funds and assets, we will protect your brand’s intellectual property by going after product counterfeiters, tracing patent and trade mark infringements.

retail security

With our extended experience in retail with the Foschini group, we are your ultimate retail and commercial security solution.

Our uniformed officers are skilled at dealing with 
large crowds in retail environments or evacuating entire shopping malls in an emergency. We also deploy covert store detectives, oversee control room operations, manage car parks and provide First Aid if needed.

event security

Our dynamic and discreet workforce is ready-vetted and trained, to respond at short notice, be it for an exclusive launch, game, concert, festival or event with attitude.

vip protection

Our specially trained close protection specialists provide cover at any specific site or when acclaiming a mobile position.

security management

Off-site real time surveillance is the answer to the protection of your company assets and the safety of clients at ATMs in our country.

Our solutions are innovative and technology based, ensuring we assist our clients to protect their assets in the most effective manner. Security Management Solutions make use of superb surveillance systems and the best monitoring technology with control rooms in all major cities.

We believe in immediate reaction, ensuring that you can immediately recover.


Our guards have FULL PSIRA certification and adhere to governance, internal policies and standard operating procedures which have made GAP MANAGEMENT the global superior property and facility management establishment it is today.